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Census Test

What is the census?

The census is the official count of how many people and dwellings there are in New Zealand; it is a snapshot of the people in New Zealand and where we live.
Information from the census helps determine how government funding is spent in the community. It is used to make decisions about which services are needed and where they should be, such as hospitals, kōhanga reo, schools, roads, public transport, and recreational facilities.

Census information is also used by councils, community groups, iwi, and businesses to plan for the future, and make decisions on issues that affect us all.


What is the Census Test April 2017?

The next census will be held in 2018 and we are changing the way we will do it. The purpose of the Census Test is to test the systems and processes being developed for the 2018 Census.

The test will involve households in Whanganui. Participation in the test is voluntary and we would appreciate your help.


What will the information be used for?

Information collected in this Census Test will only be used to test our system and processes and help us plan for the 2018 Census.


I will be staying elsewhere on Census Test night, Tuesday, 5 July 2016. Do I need to complete my forms?

If you are away from home on Census Test night and the place you are going to has materials for this test, you can complete a form there. 
If there are no census materials where you are staying you do not need to participate in this test.
If no one is staying at your home on Census Test night, no forms need to be completed.


When do I have to complete my Census Test forms by?

You should complete your forms on Tuesday, 4 April 2017, or earlier if you prefer.

I forgot to complete the Census Test forms on 4 April 2017. Can I complete them later and submit them?

Yes, the test is open until Friday, 21 April 2017.


Who should complete the Census Test forms?

Within each household, one person should complete the Household Summary, Dwelling Form and their Individual Form.

Everyone else staying at the address on 4 April 2017 should complete an Individual Form.


What happens to my forms once I’ve completed them online?

Your data will be securely saved in our databases for statistical purposes and your privacy is ensured. We process and use the data to help us with our planning for the 2018 Census. 
All forms will be stored securely as per the security provisions of the Statistics Act 1975. The data will be destroyed once the 2018 forms are finalised.


I need more help with my online forms.
What should I do?

- Check the FAQ's (click on Help on top of the page)
- Or call the Contact Centre on: 

  0800 CENSUS (0800 236 787)


Can I complete my forms in Māori?

 Yes, you can.The online form in Māori is available - please click on the 'Switch to Māori' button on top of the page. 

You can also request bilingual paper forms.

Call our Contact Centre on:

0800 CENSUS (0800 236 787) to request a pack.


How long will it take to complete the Census Test forms?

It depends which form you fill in - in each household, one person should complete the Household Summary, the Dwelling Form and their Individual Form.

The Household Summary and Dwelling Form should take about 2-4 minutes to complete (each one).

If you are just completing an Individual Form, it should take you about 5-7 minutes to complete your information.


Can I change my online form after it has been submitted?

No. Once you have submitted your form you cannot access it again.


Why are there three different forms?

On Census Test night we need to collect information about the people staying in your home and some information about where you live, too.

We use the Household Summary to  collect information about the number of people staying at your address on Tuesday, 4 April 2017.

We collect information from each person staying at your address in the Individual Form.

We collect information about where you live in the Dwelling Form.


Why do you need my name?

We use names to match the Individual Forms to the list of people staying at this dwelling on Census Test night.
For this test, we only need you to enter your first name.


Is my information protected?

Yes – your privacy is important to us. The information you provide will be kept confidential by Statistics New Zealand and is protected by the Statistics Act 1975.

The data collected during this test will be held securely to help us plan for the 2018 Census. The data will be destroyed once the 2018 forms are finalised 


How do I know Statistics NZ has received my online form?

Once you have submitted your online form and Statistics NZ has received it, you will be returned to the 'Household Summary' page and you will see a 'Done' status for that form.


What if I want to keep my form(s) private from other members of my household?

Once you submit your forms, no member of your household will be able to see it.


I received material for this test out of the blue. I don't know anyone else who has.

For this test, Statistics NZ is working with Auckland Council to test our online forms with members of the People's Panel.
The test is voluntary and we'd appreciate it if you completed your forms.


I received the email with the information to complete this test online, but I would prefer to complete it on paper. Where can I get the paper forms?

For the 2018 Census, everyone will have a choice between completing their forms online or on paper.
For this test Statistics NZ is working with Auckland Council to test our online forms with members of the People’s Panel. We’d appreciate your help in this voluntary test. 


What if I have visitors/boarders staying with me?

If your visitors would like to complete an online Individual Form, they are welcome to do so.
Please make sure you include them on your Household Summary Page.