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Census Test

Census Test

The information you provide will be kept confidential by Statistics New Zealand. The data collected during this test will be held securely to help us plan for the 2018 Census.
The data will be destroyed once the 2018 forms are finalised. 

Information privacy, security, and confidentiality

Your privacy is protected by law under the Statistics Act 1975. Under no circumstances can an individual be identified by the information they have given, or the data that is made available by Statistics NZ. For more information about the Statistics Act 1975 and the Privacy Act 1993 click here.

Statistics NZ is not obliged to give access to or correct information collected under the Statistics Act 1975 and will ensure:

  • privacy by collecting only the information we need and using it for that purpose
  • security by keeping data safe from unauthorised access and use
  • confidentiality by not releasing information that could identify individuals, households, or businesses.

We work closely with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to ensure we adhere to the privacy, security, and confidentiality protocol that guides the Official Statistics System. Further legislation that guides the confidentiality and privacy of information is:

  • Privacy Act 1993
  • Official Information Act 1982
  • Public Records Act 2005
  • New Zealand Data and Information Management Principles.